Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

When it comes to stocking your kitchen with small appliances, it’s important to think about what you’ll be cooking and how much space you have on your countertops or cupboards to store them. After all, you want appliances that are going to be worth the investment and used often – not [...]

7 Budgeting Tips For Christmas Shopping

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… except when you look at your credit card statement! How do you show everyone that you love them without going overboard? It can be tough to limit yourself when you want to give them the world. You can express your love with gifts without getting [...]

How To Cut Negative People Out Of Your Life

If you are a positive person, you will attract all kinds of people into your life. As the laws of nature go, you’ll most certainly attract negative people. They will see your light, and want to steal it. Be mindful of these kinds of people, and have a game plan set in place for when […]

How To Get Your Child To Sleep In Their Own Bed

We love our kids, and we want the best thing for them. One of those things is to get a good night’s sleep! You can only do that by establishing healthy sleeping habits–such as starting to sleep in their own room. Sleeping on their own can help kids with separation anxiety, and can prepare them [...]

Creating a Multi-Purpose Room In Your Apartment

Often times you aren’t going to have a specific room for every need that you have. Sometimes, you’ll have a room that will be split into two different functions. One room can share two purposes if you design the room well. Here are a few design tricks to help you create a user friendly [...]

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy in the Summer

You’ve done a lot of work maintaining a healthy head of hair. It’s nice and long, well maintained, and the perfect style for you. Summer can throw a big monkey wrench into your perfect hair day. Heat can do a lot of damage to your hair, so it’s important to protect it from the elements. […]

5 Best Kept Secret Summer Vacation Spots

It’s time to plan your next getaway, but you’re not sure where to go. You’re looking to travel to a new place, but you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. Keep costs down by visiting top destination locations in the less touristy areas. You’ll experience a different side of the popular [...]

Best Patio Plants That Thrive In NJ

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you don’t have to miss out on gardening. Container plants and vines are the perfect additions for any patio garden. Look for plants that do well in part sun and part shade, and find your favorite colors to plant. The containers can even speak to your [...]

Tips To Planning A Family Trip

It’s that time of year! The family vacations and reunions are in full swing. If you are the main coordinator of the family vacation this year, then take a deep breath. Planning a family trip is not as hard as you might think. The main thing is keeping the trip relaxed and open communication. [...]