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When your kids come home with a birthday party invitation, you can just see the excitement in their eyes. They can’t wait to celebrate their friend turning a year older, plus there’s bound to be fun activities and yummy treats.

Of course, that means that you probably need to find a birthday present. While older children may appreciate cash or gift cards, younger children love to open gifts and see what others have chosen for them. If you’re out of ideas for birthday presents – some of these gifts just might do the trick!

  • kids gift guideEasel and Art Supplies: Kids are naturally creative, and art is a great outlet for this creativity. Think about picking up an easel, a large pad of paper, and all sorts of crayons, markers, colored pencils, and watercolor paints. You could be inspiring the next Picasso!
  • Microscope: What budding young scientist wouldn’t want to receive their very own microscope? You can find microscopes suitable for children at various price points nowadays. You might also consider getting them a book to help them navigate their new gift. The Ultimate Guide to Your Microscope is a popular one!
  • Butterfly Garden: This is another excellent gift for the child who has an interest in science. Most kits come with a butterfly habitat, live caterpillars, a feeding kit and instructions on care. Kids will love seeing the process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly and then releasing them outside.
  • Books: Books are always a great gift. If you know the child’s favorite author, you can always pick them up the latest release. Additionally, you can always purchase a book that teaches a child how to do something. There are books that teach children to make paper airplanes, origami animals, cook dinner or even sew.
  • Puzzles: It may seem like a bit of an old-fashioned gift, but puzzles are fantastic for children. You can go for a traditional flat puzzle with a great photo (or even a photo of the child – as custom puzzles can be created) or one of the newer 3D puzzles. 
  • Robot: Nowadays gadgets are popular with children of all ages – so why not their very own robot? There are robots that children can program. There are robots that look like pets. There are robots that the children need to build themselves. Definitely a cool present!
  • Blocks/Legos: Blocks and Legos will never go out of style. Whether children are making their own creations or following the instructions from a kit, blocks and Legos are popular toys.
  • Puppets: If the child enjoys theater and acting, puppets make for a wonderful birthday gift. Children can write their own scripts and create their very own puppet shows.
  • Board Games: No matter what the child’s age, board games are great. They encourage children to play with others, and there are so many to choose from. Look for games that are age-appropriate and fit the child’s interests.
  • Forts and Tents: Kids love forts and tents. So why not get them their very own? There are many pop-up forts or tents in all sorts of shapes and sizes that are perfect for kids. They are great for creating a private space for children in their rooms where they can hang out, read or just relax.

The next time your child brings home a birthday party invitation think about picking up one of these gifts. These gifts allow children to be imaginative, learn new things, and have fun – so they’re sure to be winners!

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