How to Determine Your Interior Design Style

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Decorating your home can be fun and exciting, but it can also be confusing, especially if you’re trying to figure out your design style. While it’s most important that your home is decorated with things you love, if you’re trying to develop a cohesive look, you might find it advantageous to know your design style preference.

But how can you go about figuring out your tastes and preferences? How can you tell if you prefer modern styles versus traditional styles? Or industrial versus rustic? Here are some steps you can take to help you figure it out and find the interior design style that works for you and your home. 

  • Create a Pinterest Board: Pinterest is now the most popular online scrapbook/inspiration board/visual organizer of images and projects out there, and it’s perfect for collecting your interior design ideas. Start by creating a Pinterest board – or boards – dedicated to things you love for your home. This might include paint colors, furniture, rugs, artwork, or knick knacks. Then look for patterns. Do you find yourself pinning furniture that contains a specific color palette? Do you love coffee tables that have glass tops? While you may have a few “outliers” that don’t fit with your overall preferences, this is a great way to start honing in on your style.
  • Take a Look at Your Closet: Yes, your closet can provide you with insight into your interior design style. Take a look for patterns you see in what you buy to wear. Are there certain colors that dominate your closet? Do you tend to buy clothes that are more classic in style? Or, do you tend to follow the trends? Do you have a lot of accessories? Your personal style can provide insight into your interior design style.
  • Pick a Piece You Love: Take a look around your home right now. Is there a piece of furniture, artwork or perhaps a rug that you absolutely love? Use this piece as your inspiration. You can make this a focal point in your room and decorate with things that work with this piece. 
  • Take Note of What You Don’t Like: As important as it is to focus on things you like when determining your interior design preferences, it’s equally important to take note of things you don’t like. If there are certain items that you look at and immediately don’t like, try to find out what style they are. Eliminating a design style can save you time and money.
  • Design a Small Area: If you’re still unsure of your interior design style, start by decorating a small area of your home. Perhaps you could design your entryway, patio or balcony, or even a bathroom. This will allow you to explore your preferences and not involve a huge investment, like a large space would require.
  • Visit Show Homes: You’ve probably seen signs around town when they’re doing a “Parade of Homes” or a “Show Homes Showcase.” This is an excellent opportunity to get some inspiration. Be sure to take photos of what you love and ask the owners or designers (who are often there) where certain things came from or why they chose specific pieces.
  • Take Some Quizzes: Last, but not least, there are many quizzes online that might provide you with some insight into your style. Here are three to check out:

Are you ready to figure out your interior design style? Remember that no matter what your style, if you buy what you love then you’ll create a home you love, too.

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