How To Cut Negative People Out Of Your Life

If you are a positive person, you will attract all kinds of people into your life. As the laws of nature go, you’ll most certainly attract negative people. They will see your light, and want to steal it. Be mindful of these kinds of people, and have a game plan set in place for when you need to cut them out of your life.

  1. how to handle negative peopleRecognize What Negativity Looks Like: We’ve all heard of negative people, but they can be hard to spot when they are right in front of us. They might have other good qualities about them, which can cloud our view. Even though they might have moments of kindness, you have to look at their core to see what their motivations are.
    Negativity usually comes at a price to others around them. Do they refuse to accept responsibility? Are they always looking for ways to use other people? Do they talk about others behind their back? These are all big signals for a negative core. They see others as things to be used rather than people to be loved. This is a major issue, because at some point, you’ll become a casualty of theirs too.
  2. Don’t Wait For Them To Act: Don’t wait for them to cross a line with you directly. By that time, it’s already too late. If they haven’t crossed you yet, you can be guaranteed that they will. They will hurt you or your loved ones. Prevent their harm before it happens by taking action. You need to set parameters in place to keep you and your family safe from negative people. If this impacts your family, talk to your family members about why you think you need to cut this negative person out of your life. It’s a hard conversation, but it’s better when you have your reasons out in the open.
  3. Choose Your Method of Separation: There are two main ways to break it off. If the person is coming too close, and starting to be an immediate threat, you might need to talk to them. If they aren’t very close to you, then you can start to add some distance between you, and let the friendship naturally fade away.
    a) Talk To Them: Have your reasons as to why you need to cut off the friendship set. Have a clear idea of what you want to say to that person. Make it short and sweet. You don’t owe them a long explanation. Block them on social media and their phone number to avoid seeing them constantly. Avoid seeing mutual friends, or make sure that the mutual friends know not to speak about them to you.
    b) Let Distance Grow: If you aren’t very close to that person, you can start to ignore their phone calls and text messages. Avoid going places that they frequent, and stop meeting up with mutual friends. Over time, they will stop reaching out, and find someone new to attach to. The friendship will fade away on its own with little or not confrontation.
  4. Move On With Your Life: Don’t dwell on the past, but learn from it. People always teach you something about life and about yourself. Take those lessons and become better for having gone through it.

Spend your precious time and energy on investing back into people who will love you back. Negative people want to absorb the positive energy that you have to give without giving anything back to you except pain. Quickly remove them from your life, and move on to keep on growing as a person.

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