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After a long winter are you ready for spring? Is your apartment ready for spring? You may be prepared, but chances are your apartment is not. Don’t worry. You have plenty of time to get your apartment ready for spring and still have fun enjoying all that spring has to offer!

get apartment ready for springTime to De-Clutter

Now is the time to clean out your closets and cupboards and get rid of those things that are taking up precious space. Clothes you do not wear can be donated. Expired foods can be thrown away. Broken items can be recycled. You’ll love having the extra space that purging gives you, but remember the key is not to fill it up that space with more stuff.

Spring Clean

It may seem cliché to say that spring is the time to clean, but it really is. After a cold winter spent hibernating at home, your home could probably use a little extra attention. Take the time to give it a deep clean. Empty your cupboards and refrigerator and give them a good scrub. Move the furniture and vacuum your entire home. You may also want to steam clean your carpets to get rid of any stains and pull up excess dirt. Blinds should be dusted, and curtains washed. This is the time to do a few of those chores that you really don’t like but will make your home look amazing.

Swap Out Foods in Your Refrigerator or Pantry

In the winter you may find that you sought comfort foods. You prepared lots of “homey” dishes and, perhaps, your meals were a bit “heavier.” Take the time to stock your kitchen with fresh spring ingredients. Spring is a great time to change up your meal prep and try out new recipes.

Rearrange Your Furniture

If you are looking to create a new look for spring, think about rearranging the furniture in your apartment. This is a great way to change the look without costing you a penny. If you want to plan it out before you do it, try an online program like roomstyler or Home by Me.

Bring In New Items

If you have some money to spend on new decor, you can add some new items to your apartment that brighten up your home and transform it from winter to spring. A new rug, bright pillows, a lightweight blanket, and some framed art are all simple and not-so-expensive ways to lighten up your space.

Prepare Your Balcony

Now is the time to get your balcony ready for the warmer weather. Give your balcony a good sweep to clear away winter grime and then think about what you want to use the space for during the nice weather. You’ll probably want a couple of chairs and a small table, along with some plants or flowers to bring it all together. A small outdoor carpet can also be a nice addition.

Open the Windows

All winter long your apartment has probably been closed up in order to stay warm. While your place was closed up, it probably developed what some call the “smell of winter.” The smells of cooking, winter candles, and pets can all become trapped in your furniture and carpets – and you may not even notice it. Open up those windows and let in some fresh air. If you find that the “smell of winter” is still not going away try burning a spring-scented candle or using an oil diffuser.

Are you ready to get started? Use this list to get your apartment ready to transition from winter to spring and then head out to enjoy the great weather.

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