Decorating for the Holidays

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Christmas waves a magic wand over the world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” – Norman Vincent Peale

The holidays are definitely a magical time of the year. With cookies and presents and gorgeous decorations, it’s hard not to get in the holiday spirit. And yes, decorating is an important part of the holidays.

If you’re getting ready to decorate your place for the holidays, use these tips to bring some magic into your home.

  • Bring the Outside In: With all the popularity of Joanna Gaines, The Beekman Boys and other designers who love to bring the outside into their homes, it’s no wonder this idea of holiday decorating remains popular. And it’s not too hard to do.
    • Think about using evergreens and pines, pinecones, berries, and other natural elements if you want to bring the outdoors into your home. These holiday decorations work with a wide variety of decor styles and may work well for you.
  • Make Your Home Cozy: One thing that almost everyone can agree about the holidays is that they want things to be cozy. By adding some warm blankets to your sofa and chairs and putting out some candles that evoke thoughts of winter, you can make your living area a cozy and comfortable space. And don’t forget about the pillows! You can easily swap out pillow covers on your existing pillows. Plaids are a great choice.
  • Not Everything Needs to Be Red and Green: Who decided that red and green were the only colors that you could use to decorate with during the holidays? Sure, they’re traditional, but there are lots of colors that you can use. Metallics are great with all of their sparkle. White is perfect if you want to create a snowy effect. Jewel tones are another option with their rich colors. 
    • The most important thing to remember is to decorate with colors you like and that work with your style.
  • Lighting Is Important: Lights are another essential aspect of holiday decorating. Whether you like white lights or multicolored lights, be sure to add some to your decorations. 
  • Involve the Children: There may be nothing more charming than having children help with the decorating. Whether they help to make decorations to be hung around your home or put ornaments on the tree, allow them to help. Letting kids be involved may mean things aren’t hung just so – but it sure is fun to get them to help.
  • Look for Unexpected Places to Decorate: Of course, you’re going to decorate your living room, but where else could you decorate in your home? Look for unexpected places that could use a little sprucing up. Hosting a holiday party at your place? How about decorating your bathroom for your guests? Do you work from home? Give your office space a little holiday spirit with a few decorations.
  • Don’t Forget About Flowers: You may only think about flowers in the spring and summer, but they are fantastic during the holidays, too. Poinsettias are a beautiful traditional Christmas flower that now comes in many colors in addition to red. Amaryllis is another excellent choice with its beautiful red flowers. Christmas cactus and Paperwhites are also nice options.

You may have heard that people who decorate for the holidays early are happier than those who don’t – so now’s the time to decorate. These tips are sure to have your home looking festive and bright this year!

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