Creating a Multi-Purpose Room In Your Apartment

Often times you aren’t going to have a specific room for every need that you have. Sometimes, you’ll have a room that will be split into two different functions. One room can share two purposes if you design the room well. Here are a few design tricks to help you create a user friendly multi-purpose room in an apartment.

  1. Creating a multi-purpose roomSeparate the Space: Designate certain areas for specific uses, and don’t let them encroach on one another. Have a living room or office area in one room and separate them with furniture and spacing. There may not be walls that divide the room, but you can structure the living room area to be separate from the office area by how you arrange the furniture. Center the seating around the TV. Have all of the comforts of the living room in one central area, and leave space to easily access the office. Likewise, have a desk, book shelves, and other necessities for the office, but have all of the office things facing towards one another, with their backs to the living room. This way, whenever you are in that space, you are centered around the things that you need and aren’t distracted by the other things in the room. It will be centralized with a purpose, giving your mind the ability to focus and separate the work from relaxation.
  2. Color Code: Another way to keep things from getting mixed up is to color code the different spaces. It’s not enough to have the furniture blocking out each area; you should also have different colors to visually separate the space. It’s also helpful if you have more than one of something. If you have scissors in the kitchen, let those be red like the other kitchen accessories, and the scissors at your desk should be blue like the rest of the office supplies. This will help you keep things where they belong so you don’t mix up similar supplies.
  3. Storage and Organization: When you have to maximize your space, you need to have excellent organizational skills. Everything that you have is in its place, and there is a place for everything that you have. Keep things functional by storing away what you need on shelves and in binders to keep them safe and out of the way. Clutter is a fast way to busy up a room and make things look messy. When there are multiple functions going on in one space, having one area be messy will make the entire room look unkempt.
  4. Make It Comfortable: Enjoy the space that you are in. Make it comfortable and decorated with the things that make you happy. Keep things simple, but cozy, so that you’ll want to spend time in that room. If it feels crowded and overwhelming, then you’ll avoid it. Give each space a specific purpose and spend a little time and money on the storage and organization of it so that it feels welcoming.

Keep your office things in the office area, and keep the kitchen things in the kitchen area. By being deliberate about being organized, you’ll save yourself time and headaches looking for things. Plus, getting work done will be a breeze!

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