Best Patio Plants That Thrive In NJ

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Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you don’t have to miss out on gardening. Container plants and vines are the perfect additions for any patio garden. Look for plants that do well in part sun and part shade, and find your favorite colors to plant.

The containers can even speak to your personality. Find ones that have different colors and patterns to liven up your outdoor space. Plastic containers are a great affordable option if you are only looking to grow things during the warm summer months. But other, thicker containers are better for year round usage so the soil doesn’t freeze or get too dry from the heat. You can also look for containers that store your plants vertically rather than spreading them out. It’ll help you make the most out of your limited space on the patio.

  1. Chrysanthemums: Otherwise known as Mums, Chrysanthemums are excellent patio plants. They do well in containers with minimal maintenance. Many people think of mums only around fall, but they are great perennials that you can enjoy any time of year. They’ll bloom four times a year, giving you seasonal flowers to enjoy throughout the seasons.
  2. Hibiscus: This big, beautiful exotic bloom has attracted people for years. It’s simple to maintain, and loves the moderate temperatures of the NJ summertime. It does well in part-sun part-shade, and will give your patio a tropical feel.
  3. Peony: One of the most well-loved flowers of this decade. It’s easy to see why. They are billowy, wraps of petals that burst with color. The Peony loves the mild temperature and needs part shade, which is perfect for a patio. The container varieties aren’t as large as other blooms, but they are just as beautiful.
  4. Zinnias: These fun loving sun soakers shoot up like weeds in any garden. They have happy little bright faces, that scream summertime. They are very easy to maintain, and will oftentimes bloom year after year.
  5. Sweet Potato Vine: If you are looking for a bright accent to add to your home garden, pop in a few sweet potato vine plants. These have lime green, spear-shaped leaves that compliment any garden well. They are so easy to grow that you’ll need to prune them often so that they don’t take over!
  6. Wave Petunia: These simple flowers are a classic. They are a good choice for hanging planters so that they can let their vines and flowers spill over. The wave variety is extra fun because the blossoms are striped. You can find white and purple flowers, as well as other colors.
  7. Trumpet Vines: Vines are gorgeous growing along walls, but they are even more beautiful when they are covered in flowers. The trumpet vine will add a unique and different style of flower to your garden. As the name suggests, the flowers resemble a trumpet with a long neck and tight petals. Use up every available space on your patio by covering the walls in a vine variety that droop with flowers.

Along with your new budding garden, you can throw in some herbs and simple veggies to complete a fully-functional garden at home. You’ll be the envy of every nature-lover in the building with all of your greenery and thriving plants! Make sure to give your new “housemates” plenty of water as it gets warmer. Soak the soil until the water drains through the bottom. Wait one or two days, and water again so everybody can be happy!

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